Thursday, April 2

Adnyamathanha Decision

On Tuesday , the Federal Court of Australia handed down a decision on a lands title claim for the Adnyamathanha people in the affirmative. It's for traditional land measuring 46,000 sq. kilometres,

representing by far the biggest successful lands title claim by an indigenous people in South Australian history, encapsulating all of the Flinders Ranges and The Gammon Ranges.

I love this image below of the bench and presiding judge with all its institutional flavour and the justaposition with nature and the ochre ground.

Our friend has been working as legal counsel on this case for 7 years and is, according to him, his most rewarding legal outcome to date. He travelled to Adnyamathanha with his wife and buddy this week (who kindly shared the photos with me) to be present for the handing down of this historical decision and the handing over of native title.

I didnt see any press on it.


Veggie Gnome said...

I heard it on the radio. But have not seen any coverage on telly. (But I must admit that I hardly switch on that thing.)

Congratulations to everyone involved!

innercitygarden said...

At least these days we don't get coverage along the lines of "they're taking our backyards, no one is safe" etc.

I'm really glad there are people like your friend working on stuff like that.

littleecofootprints said...

Wonderful news!

Looking at what actually did make the papers over the last few days its very sad that this didn't make the news.


blue milk said...

Amazing news and fabulous post and you're right, saw nothing about this anywhere else.