Tuesday, April 28

damn, its beautiful

Im off to the Barossa Valley this morning for work and damn, the weather is beautiful. Clear blue skies and sun, looking forward to seeing all the grape vines in their autumn glory and consuming some fabulous Barossa produce. Last week in country Victoria it nearly killed me walking past the op-shops knowing i had no time to stop and browse, thinking of all the treasures that are really only findable and affordable in rural second hand shops AND I WAS WALKING BY! So my lovely colleague has actually factored in some op shop time this trip! What a treasure! Thats my kinda work trip and my kinda colleague!


Barbara said...

Allerei - a charity shop in the
centre of Tanunda (great jam and
relish and produce from people's
gardens). There's a good 2nd
hand bookshop nearby too.

Kerrie said...

Your colleague knows how to do it well indeed. Sounds like a great trip.

Op-shopping is just the best in country towns that the city hasn't reached as yet.

Annuska said...

Hi Kel
I should ask you for a coffee (my word verification is coffeask). Hope you have a lovely day. Are you around on Thursday?

Laura Jane said...

Oh, I thought the title of this post referred to the treasure that turned up in the mail for me today....cos - DAMN - ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks so much Kel, I really, really like it, I keep finding more things and shapes in it with each look.

(goes off skipping, and grinning to hang it on a wall)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kel, We need your help and advice wrt kale chips...Please see latest posting at sunshinevalleyhut blog

Rest is not idleness said...

I'm jealous of your opportunity yesterday, lucky you to be able to have some time to browse.

Kel said...

barbara- thanks for the Allerei tip - my colleague merrily left with a big pot of home made apricot jam. me - ive just potted up a wholebatch of jelly n jam . Happy to browse. Wlaked past the bookshop- looked high end but i was on a mission for the op shops!

kerrie - yes, she has her head screwed on right! lol

annuska- coffee when you get here!

laura jane- lol, soo pleased you like it.

ramsey - hope youve now solved the problem!

Pip- yes i felt very lucky. Im planning another trip with the girls for a full day of opping!