Tuesday, April 21

right now

packing for a work trip

reducing marmalade that didnt set

simmering figs in vinegar n spice

washing soo many jars and dishes


booking a cab

pulling b2s tooth

stuffing mushrooms

hoping the bean stays asleep for an hour more

checking in - online and the day before...magic

looking at a pile of 'spoiled' apples knowing that i wont 'get to them' them before i leave

enjoying the girls being home

wondering what on earth to do with the remaining 10kg of crabapples

thinking that nights away without a laptop, and no kids, seems just cruel

watching the bloke cart barrows (and barrows and barrows) of wood he chopped yesterday, into the woodshed and feeling a rush of love

wishing i didnt have to go away


Veggie Gnome said...

Hey, I thought you had a winemaker in the house?! Crabapple Wine! There, problem solved.

Have a good trip. What? No laptop?!! :(

Karin said...

LOL! Yeah, I second the crabapple wine! Only one more thing to do right??


my word verification was: nonish. I'm finding that funny.

Kel said...


kale for sale said...

I love lists.