Sunday, April 12


This is my view.
I love bed. When i lived 'at home' it used to drive my non medicated, hyper-thyroid mother crazy. She was up rushing around washing and cleaning before dawn and Id stay in bed until noon, usually reading. Quite a bit of haggling went on back then. Nothing's changed in theory, there's just no more haggling. I still love bed, i just dont get to hang around in it very often. Its actually a good dose of bed i have been looking forward to this weekend (well day and a half) when im alone with just the bean.

So this morning i trundled all three kids into the car at 4.30 am, drove to the airport, signed two of them over (unacompanied minors, one with a bad case of hickies *snigger*, that's how that night went) returned with one, fed him and put him to bed, watered the garden and decided some rekindling time was due. Some peace. Some slow... bed and a book. The sun welcomed me when i walked in. It took my breath away, it was incredibly inviting. Autumn and winter are the sunniest seasons in our room. Needless to say the book didnt last long before the zzzz took over.

...easy to spot which side of the bed's mine!


Rixa said...

What a lovely room! I think I'd be tempted to stay in bed too.

Barbara said...

Ah ha! You must be a late night
person married to an early riser

elburro said...

What a gooooorgeous space! I love the colors and the light....
Just looking at the photos made me feel aaaaah.

As a sidenote, sometimes when I publish comments on your posts they don't end up appearing so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but just wanted to let you know that I comment more often than you know!

Em said...

love my bed too, my favourite place :) Your room is amazing Kel, perfect for reading snuggling snoozing.

Kel said...

rixa - its often a problem. when the girls dad used to live close and they spent every other weekend with him..often i didnt1 lol

barbara- actually , were complimentary...both love bed. i think i meant nothings changed re. me liking bed...its a problem now as sometimes its tricky to get stuff done1 lol

elburro - i think so and when the sun shines, boy, its like a womb in there! wondering whats eating your messages?? thanks for the let know. :-)

em - yippee, my guilt recedes! its purrrfect indeed.

Karin said...

Sounds good to me. I love it!

kale for sale said...

I had the house to myself last weekend too. It was heavenly. I almost felt guilty I enjoyed it so much. Reading in bed and napping were on the top of the list. And then cleaning cupboards which makes me smile every time I open them.