Sunday, March 15

current indication

this recipe for pork belly and chorizo stew posted by haalo gives a pretty good indication of exactly where my emotional state is at. Its comfort food of the highest order. pig pig and more pig (i rarely eat pig and then only if theyre happy housed neighbourhood piggy wigs). The problem with feeling like indulging in such a porky extravaganza (besides the hip load, look at all that fat!) is that after spending hours creating; i do like to stand at the pot for said stewing hours with wine in hand and just poking the mixture every now and then, is that i effectively have only made dinner for two. The two never meat eating children (*sigh* how did that happen?) still need to be fed. Ive tried removing the meaty bits, but ive never got away with it. Would someone make this and get back to me...just how fabulous was it?


Veggie Gnome said...

Goodness gracious me! That is something I can already smell, bubbling away in the slow cooker. Not sure I could eat a lot of it, though. Tons of crusty bread would be consumed, dunked in that stew.

You might have to come over for a meaty feast soon. Adults only. *grins*

Kerrie said...

Wow, the males in our family all love pork and would adore this recipe. Maybe I can freeze a takeaway container of it Kel and send it your way Express Post...!!!

We have a fantastic butcher who does great organic pork and smokes his own smallgoods, he's a rare & precious person to have close by.

I have been meaning to ask...did you watch The Princess Bride..?? What was the verdict..??

Rest is not idleness said...

It does sound good, but like Veggie Gnome I don't think I could eat a lot of it, pork is quite a rich meat. Maybe a minestrone soup, which has some of the same ingredients, red wine, cannelini beans, onions, tomatoes, garlic (my recipe anyway) would do the trick, it's comfort food and you can spend time at the stove stirring, and can also finish off the rest of the red wine as well.
take care

Annuska said...

I will make it for us and bring a bit to you on Thursday! How does that sound? I think you could freeze it if you are not up for it on the day!

Kel said...

veggie - yes, its the idea of the smell that got me sucked in in the first place! meat feast..YUM!

Kerrie- lets have a month long family swap! Thanks for the post idea, not sure how you'd arrange that!LOL I used to have a butcher like that just down the road, a dying breed now i go into the central market to buy organic meat. ANd we did watch the dvd, B2 loved it and i was surprised to find it quite funny! We did enjoy it but i cant say its a fave! LOL Thanks so much for edumacating me.

Pip - nope, wouldnt be able to eat much either, esp. as we eat meat so rarely but my point was IM SICK OF MINESTRONE!!!!! *lol* it was that sticky sweet chewy pork thing im hankering for, god yes.

Annuska - how very lovely of you!!!! Can i put it back on the stove and stir it and have that glass of wine and pretend id been at it for hours?

Haalo said...

I just found your post - and yes indeed this is a very rich dish but it is also a dish that freezes very well. Store it in decadent serves for one or two and defrost when you need that comforting hit. Enjoy sipping on the wine as you stir it back up to temperature.

Kel said...

Haalo- it was divine!! met all expectations and i have made it a few times since, its so easy but so full of great flavours! ahh the chorizo