Sunday, March 8

stuffs up

first the crone, then nature witch, now me. Blogging mojo = zero. I usually love to write, i love the freshness of a new 'page' an empty space to be filled with some words, but lately the idea of sitting down to creat a post has actually left me physically feeling sick to my stomach. i thought it may have ben the flu and that it would pass, but maybe i just need a break? too much going on...somethings gotta give...all those cliches, maybe its a need to be focussed on the ouside, the physical.. maybe I've just got nothing to say? *laughs* I have been doing a lot of sitting in the garden, just looking, especially just sitting in the sunshine and looking at the water in the creek and trying to breathe my racing mind and heart to slow, a simple meditation.

Despite all my misgivings about feeling compromised with the wordsmithing, thankfully the garden is happily chugging along blissfully unaware of my mojo meltdown. Everything i planted up last weekend has sprouted; my stuffs up!. Its fantastic and i havent needed to water all week as the rains have been so thorough and the morning dew just tops everything up. Im excited about the kale which looks just like cabbage (doh) which is also up, both are onto their fifth leaves, the root vegetables; beets ,carrots and parsnips are looking strong despite their delicate demeanour, the bush and purple beans are streaking ahead ( next sowing i will do some regular grren climbers as the purple one do tend to woody) snow peas and mammoths are travelling a good 6 inches up their supports, the chards are putting in a rainbow appearance and the chives are just peeking through as are the potatoes. This is what it must be like growing in sub tropical conditions! I love it! So my first foray into sowing the whole lot from seed direct has been successful thus far. Like a child, the birth is over, now the transition into adulthood and navigating through the perils of the seed teen years begins.


Cathy said...

Hello Kel
Loved your description of raising from seed
Teen years - ugh don't remind me. Luckily you won't have to do learner driving, maybe a little bit of posture control tho lol
Take care

Kel said...

Cathy- yup, snails and slugs are my main worry, bit like the alcohol n cars n boys...