Tuesday, March 3

not enough rain

it rained yesterday, sort of...the first sign of rain here in 80 days.
We sat outside the boy and i, on the warmth of the stones, feeling the drops spitting on our arms, our faces, our heads. it evaporated almost as it hit the ground or a limb. But it was the smell, the beautiful dank, sweet earthy smell of the water on hot earth that made me smile and drew the others outside to breathe it in.

its rained again this morning, enough to wet the creek bed and drip from leaves but not enough to fill a tank or ease the pain. the next rain is months away...


Barbara said...

It's pissing down in Parkside
at the moment!

Rest is not idleness said...

Same here in Aberfoyle Park. Like you Kel, I went outside and stood in the rain, so nice and warm, lovely.
take care

Veggie Gnome said...

Wonderful rain here at the moment. I am getting drunk on the wonderful smell of it. I could stand out there (in the rain!) and inhale it all day long.

We had 4mm of rain by 8.30am, and another 9.5mm since then.

Don't stop! :)

Kerrie said...

Hope you get a huge dump...you need it so very much.

The Summer rains in the sub-tropics are amazing, it's not uncommon to get upwards of 200mm over a couple of days. Haven't had to top up the pool as yet, it starts to get a little low then we get a big rain.

Kel - John came home from work one night last week and announced that he had been approached about a job...in Adelaide...!!!

We can't move, not with the kids both very settled in high school now. If they had finished I'd have loved to have gone but they aren't so here we stay for a bit longer. Once they have finished school we have big travel plans.

Maybe one day...???

Kel said...

Whoohoo- about an hou after i wrote this post the rains cae psiing down, havent stopped all da, cant remember rain like this.... a dump. Yippeee!

Annuska said...

It summarises my gloomy mood for the day: I loved the rain, the feel, the smell, the atmosphere BUT had to find something to fret about: why does it rain here instead of in Victoria to put off the fires! I cannot believe it when I get so negative.