Thursday, March 5

with rain

come snails.

just a word of warning for all those of us too gobsmacked by the damn rain to think any further.


Veggie Gnome said...

...and millions of millipedes!

Rest is not idleness said...

only one snail and no millipedes yet, only big ants!!
but I will remember to have a look for snails tonight.

Cathy said...

Hello Kel
Yes they are having a fine time in the agapanthus outside my front door
Take care

Kerrie said...

Apparently millipedes have no natural predator.

Ducks love snails and are gentle with garden beds, not like chooks...could you invest in a pair..?? They lay wonderful eggs too, especially good for home made pasta.

Barbara said...

But at least the ants are finally
out of the cat food in the

Jen said...

Nematodes...I think they like to eat millipedes.
We have too many ants in our kitchen. And with the chill in the air now that Summer is over in Tas, we have so many spiders... Errrgghh....

Kel said...

interesting. we have no ants and no millipedes, just snails. I think 'they' let loose with the nematodes a few years back in the adelaide hills when the millipede situation had just gone out of hand feral(full vacuum cleaner bag feral). looks liked it worked.

Annuska said...

I used sodium bicarbonate for the ants and they left (just do little mountains of it in entry points and preferred circulation spaces)