Thursday, March 26

fur coat fun

Si had an old fur in the cupboard, a leftover from european relatives long gone. I love the cool softness of fur so the coat got 'unpicked' and now lives on the couch as a warm throw. B2; the almost vegan (go figure) and i often 'wear' it as a blanket at the computer in cold weather; it still has arms! It reminds me of a very amusing product I saw on tv in the states, The Snuggie , that had me rolling about in fits of laughter. Thinking our recycled version is one up from the snuggie. We wear it inside out so the fur touches your skin. B1 wont touch it and gives it a very wide berth. The bean loves it.


Rest is not idleness said...

I had a good laugh too, isn't that what dressing gowns used to be for?
I've often thought that a sleeping bag would be the way to go for keeping warm on the couch at night, but then I would look a bit like a caterpillar :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Isn't Jasper just the cutest!?

The Snuggie - more like a mass breakout from a monastery!

Annuska said...

That link you posted is hilarious!
Other great products:

Kel said...

Pip- i seriously thought this was the funniest thing when i first saw it. I figure if no one can see you, why not? heck caterpillar, skinned fox..i walk around in this thing with seams showing and adding half a meter in width...but Im WARM!

Veggie- ummmm, YES! Im his mum. Its too too funny, monks, choirists...stoopid!

Annuska- glad you also found the hawaiin weight loss chair a hoot- im just always so stumped by american consumerism. its just breathtaking! Some things just never make it here!

kale for sale said...

Oh my goodness - He has your smile! That's amazing. Very cute.

Kel said...

kale- he looks just like my brother ( who looks like me ) go figure!