Monday, March 2

intentional leftovers

we're a leftover lovin' family here at Chez Pan, its the main reason i bought the Pyrex, so we had a loving home and a display space to store and observe the delights that are leftovers! If we cook, we do extra... extra pasta, extra rice, extra noodle, extra dough, always with manana in mind. its evolved over the years mainly as the vegetaian B2 hates sandwiches and school lunch times (and home lunch times for that matter) began to cause stress. either she would toss the sandwich, bring it home but leave it in the bottom of the school bag or just plain refuse to take it. thats when i started to really take it on board; if i wanted her to eat during the day then she needed an alternative. I must say im a bit over sandwiches for lunch too. So we started making more of the nights dinner so she could take it for lunch and the habit spread. Now we fight over the stuff. yesterday it was the leftover dough to make englsih muffins to go with the eggs and tomatoes for breakfast and this morning we tucked into yesterdays plain rice as rice pudding for breakfast. Leftover pasta can bring the house down on a weekend. B1 made rice for lunch yesterday so last night before i went to bed i added milk so the brown rice could soak in a bit more liquid overnight and this morning added an egg, cinnamon and some maple syrup and zapped it in the microwave for a few minutes. Warm rice pudding for breakfast. YUM.

Whats your favourite leftover??


Rest is not idleness said...

Well, you're going to think this is weird but I really like leftover pavlova for breakfast, and running a close second would be leftover curry. Rice is a good leftover, I never thought of making a rice pudding with it though, usually I make fried rice.
We love leftovers here too and like you I usually make more dinner so we can have some for lunch the next day or freeze it for a quick meal later on.
take care

innercitygarden said...

Roast veg, mixed with spinach & chickpeas or beans to make salad for lunch. I'm also a big fan of leftover roast pumpkin, stirred through a risotto with heaps of cheese. Parmesan or for extra lusciousness, persian fetta.

Jen said...

left over pasta becomes school lunches with a little grated cheese and some olive oil. Left over rice becomes fried rice the next day. We always make twice what we think we will eat when making curries, but then our appetite escapes our expectations, and we have no left overs :(

Kerrie said...

We do the intentional leftovers here too, especially for Matilda who loves to take pasta, risotto, pizza etc. for her lunch.

I'm quite fond of leftover pizza, in fact there is some sitting in the fridge with my name on for lunch. We don't buy pizza, always make it from the ground up, home made bases are very little work and always taste so much better, about a tenth of the cost of shop bought pizza bases too. Curries are very popular leftovers here too.

Rice becomes rice pudding/porridge for breakfast or fried rice for a quick lunch and leftover pasta has fed the boys on two nights last week when we ate fish.

Must be time for lunch, that pizza is calling my name now...

Kel said...

rini- thats not weird- i love cheesecake for breakfast! not that i ever do, but if its in the fridge thats what i want to do. curry, ah yes, i love that for breakfast too..

ICG- im with you there- roast pumpkin leftovers dont last long. have you tried jamie olivers roast pumpkin ( olive oil and smashed spices-coriander, cumin, chilli- its divine and great in risotto)

jen- we have the same problem with home made pizza - mare one more for 'ron and it gets eaten!

kerrie- see above! cant agree more. looks like curries are pretty popular, maybe thats whats for dinenr tonight!