Saturday, March 21

domestic microagriculture

could you...would you?
Need protein? want a source of meat thats low impact, low expenditure and low in use of water, kilojules, time,and effort? Its a free range, low impact, SLOW protein source we all have available and its incredibly underutilised; wasted even. Sounds great in theory. Just how green are you willing to be?

Folks, we're talking escargot.

Its simple. Gather 'stock'. Isolate for a week from its normal environment. Provide a daily feed stock of meal/bran and finish of with a salt bed to 'defoam' and 'viola' 7 days later you've got a lean, clean, primed and plumped, ready to go high protein source of ...rubber!

I may be writing about it but there is no way on earth im doing it. Yet. Gimme a bean anyday. For now, at least i know how.


Rixa said...

Are you averse to eating escargot or just raising them yourself? We don't really have snails around here much, but in France they were all over the place. Once, when we had a get-together for our students' homestay families, one of the dads peered into our bushes and noticed an abundance of snails. He called his two boys over and they spent the evening harvesting snails!

wombat064 said...

Hi Kel
can we eat our garden variety snail ?

How would I cook it ?

Yes I would...


Kel said...

rixa -eating them in general. Im pretty ok with so many food. These are not one of them, escargot and oysters.see a theme?

phil- our garden variety is much loved by the french. cooking them...boiled than baked..stewed. the link has recipes. have a go. let me know!

naturewitch said...

I'm with you, Kel. Not this gal, but I believe ducks like snails, so maybe I'll get one or two of those some day. And I love duck!! LOL!

But if it got down to a contest between snails and beans, the beans would win out every time! xx

TheCrone said...

I'm going pass on the wall fruit thank you very much and stick with the beans :)

Kel said...

naturewitch- duck...ohh duck.. i love duck too. Yup, until i can no longer choose the bean...

TheCrone- im loving that adjective! (or is it an adverb?, a pronoun? aghhhh)