Monday, March 16

Travelling Gnomes

Saturday saw us the happy hosts of a bloggy visit from 'the Gnomes' of Mad Gnomes fame. They came bearing garden gnome gifts, the reason for the drop in. How lucky are we!? Five dozen eggs, yup, five, a bunch of sweet chillis and some lovely shiny eggplants, mini white ones too! So we waved them in, plied them with coffee and cake (well only a small piece) Veggie did some child minding while we chatted until her arm fell numb.

Then we toured them outside to the top garden to witness the apples being plucked from the tree for a fair swap (and some rather humbling garden showing of the cold winter beds). Somehow, i always feel like i get the better deal with Veggie swaps. I forgot to take happy snaps, so its food pics instead. What to do with five dozen eggs...a huge tortilla de patatas to take to a party. Four dozen to go.

Thanks so much Mad Gnomes, the time just flew! and we are dreaming of the rasberry canes with much anticipation. Ohh, yes...


Veggie Gnome said...

This tortilla looks fantastic!
Thanks for being such lovely hosts, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Child minding duties were a real pleasure and my arm recovered in no time.

We must have you over soon so that you can look at the raspberry setup before they loose all the leaves and all you see is sticks.

The apples are delicious! :) Thanks again.

Delwyn said...

Hello Kel,

I'm Delwyn from Noosa and I love to hear and see wholesome Aus comments and victuals...
happy Days

Kel said...

thanks veggie, sounds great!

Delwyn - welcome and thanks!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

What wonderful pictures, the food looks delicious!