Sunday, March 22

TV trash

so this is a biggie this post. its almost confessional.
I *heart* The Biggest Loser.
Love it. Hang out for. Hate saturdays. ( well not exactly hate...but..) Its a big deal for a supposed 'intellectual'. Supposedly, there's acceptable tv and then there's acceptable tv (and then theres national radio). Needless to say, I haven't mentioned my tv love affair at work.

When i was pregnant last year i started watching it when my belly became so big and uncomfortable ( 11.5 pounds of baby) that instead of the usual dinner table and conversation fare, i became an uncommunicative couch potato convert with dinner on the mound; bench seating at the dinner table was killing me. What was on the idiot box?...crappy news, black adder does archaeology and...yours truly. I never looked back. I have been forced ( by my own initial sense of shame) to 'deconstruct the love' in order to support the addiction.

I love seeing self directed change in people. I love to see the self realisation of the individual, the dawning of an inner strength; moving through doubt and self loathing. Even if its edited 'till the cows come home, im still there saying 'heck, its still a real transformation theyre having'. I really like to see people experiencing the benefits of healthful eating, the benefits of exercise, becoming observant of the slaves they had been to an 'unconscious' life. I know its extreme, but the process is a universal. It parallels somewhat my own dawning about 10 years ago; turning the observer in me into the doer. The realisation that if i put my mind to things, i could achieve. For me it was transforming the puff up the hill into a 10 km run. The day i became 'that woman' pounding the pavement with the double jogging pram and two kids and two whippets in tow (but firmly attached) and not the drive by woman observing the woman on the pavement running with the two kids and two dogs , i finally knew that i could steer my own destiny. That was my moment. Thats why i love this cheesy, feel good reality tv show. Im watching 'me' become 'me'.
Im finally learning to embrace my love, starting to declare it openly, just not yet at work. But im getting there.

But Im sure im not the only one with a secret reality tv show addiction...


Rixa said...

We don't have TV here so I can't comment on that particular show, but it does sound fun to watch! I'm trying to visualize you running with 2 kids and 2 dogs! I found running with one of each to be quite enough work.

Rest is not idleness said...

I avidly watched The Biggest Loser about two seasons ago, I too, loved seeing how the people transformed over the series. What I would really like to see is a show where they go back to the previous people, say two years later and see if they have kept on with the exercise, healthful eating etc. I don't watch much reality tv but there are a couple of other shows that I never miss (well more than a couple actually.... blush)

Kel said...

rixa- visualise away- have neither pram, nor small kids nor dogs now! i run solo!

pip- blush away- i just divulged my turgid habit. yes, i agree but maybe not make the most sensational tv!

Laura Jane said...

Snap. I don't mind if I miss it, but I too am a transformation junkie.

Just haven't done the actual weight loss/major exercise thing yet for myself....

I love So You Think You Can Dance (cos I CAN, I used to be a professional many years ago, see para 2, sigh)

Sarah said...


No Kel you are not the only one and now my family are into it as well.... how sad is that!

Kel said...

laura jane- dont mind a bit of dance but it doesnt stop life like loser does! ugh

sarah- its shameful isnt it? my husband is sooo supportive of it which makes me feel even worse . if he gave me grief over it i might not feel so bad!