Thursday, March 5

ode to bloke

sick and tired. thats us. the whole mob. sick and tired. We're all only just getting better. So i travelled home quite late this evening after a looong day and a late work function knowing i would walk through the door not only at 'that time' but under less than optimal conditions. 'That time'is the time we usually negotiate our way through as a couple; dinner prep, post school queries and bath and bed time for the bean. I had a small sense of dread as I neared home after saying goodbye to R who was going home to peace and quiet; her kids being twenty somethings with independent lives. My 'old' tape was playing in my head; memories of my ex husbands parenting style dragging my stomach to places i thought i had left behind. So I really didnt relish walking in the door this first time after leaving S the full gamut of the night time routine, especially knowing he was quite unwell today.

In and of itself its no biggie, but before I met S, he had done no cooking for 25 years, no house duties for 25 years. He lived the traditional model to a T so today may have been a stretch on an organisational level. But, i opened the kitchen door to domestic bliss. Pots steaming on the stove, wine in the fridge, baby bath being emptied by a smiling bloke in black. The only 'noise' was B2 running to the door with a 'hello mummy' and the bean happily playing in his pjs in the lounge. The tape of chaos, tears and lots of stress hit rewind and erase.

I havent stopped telling the bloke just how appreciative i am and how novel this feels. I think i can say he's worked it out.

ps. went upstairs to find my pile of clean knickers and socks folded on the end of the bed. swoon.


Annuska said...

sounds so beautiful. here it can go both ways. There is no way to know. But it is so good when it it good

wombat064 said...

Well done Si

Jen said...

So great to be jolted out of your 'old' domestic soundtrack. Folded knickers?...thats going a bit to far methinks!

Sarah said...

OH my god OH MY GOD oh my god - I SOOOOO need your man!!!!! LOL Moments like this would be LOVELY.

Kerrie said...

Oh my, he's a lovely one...!!!

I hope that tape stays erased, well & truly. It really takes very little to be taken right back "there" sometimes...those patterns and thought processes are so traumatic and deeply etched. I do a similar thing myself and am trying so hard to break it.

I love that he folds your knickers, that's love for sure.

naturewitch said...

How wonderful!!!

You'd think by now that most men would have worked out that the best way for them to get a little action in the bedroom is for them to do a little action around the rest of the house. BUT that seems to still be a very well kept secret! xx

Laura Jane said...

Good for you Si.

Keep that tape erased, its so lovely to find - and TELL - of our appreciation of our great fellas. Everyone responds to praise.

Kel said...

yes, good on him! the best bit is he's loving it. thats just priceless. My main take home from the post was not how lucky am i . full stop. but how lucky am i and how glad i am that the old is in the past, that i made the decision to leave such an unhealthy space. who was that girl that accepted such stress and chaos and ...abusive behaviour? shes unrecognisable and my what a better place we are in. and a particular response to got it girl! i keep telling people.. ;-)

kale for sale said...

I love this. Beautiful. I could hear the symphony when you walked in the door. I call the other part my catastrophic mind. Entertaining but seldom reality.