Monday, September 22

Sunshiny days and an anniversary

Its pouring with rain again today and the day is cold but the weekend was glorious; sunny and warm and relaxing. I managed to concrete in the pizza oven base, i get so frustrated that its so slowly slowly but as long as it keeps moving ahead then i have some confidence that it will be finished in this lifetime. So, technically, its ready to have its dome constructed. That should be a challenge. Yikes.

Simon hammerred in the last nail on the studios' deck (thanks christ for that, the boybeans room isnt far away and he kept waking him with all his hammering and buzzing). We decided to use pine for the deck after umm and ahh-ing about recycled plastic (which if you'd read an earlier post i wasnt too happy with the aesthetics) but it was twice as expensive as the pine and we could not source any decking plank in sustainable forest hardwoods. The pine is treated without the copper arsenic, so its suitable for small people to do their crawling and sucking. It still smells weird. We think it wont need to be painted or stained and we will leave it to weather to a silver.

The vege patches got weeded and *warning, toxic admission to follow* more snail bait sprinkled around the peas; the last lot has been consumed by rain, and snails judging by the roadside carnage out there; they're doing their job. I tried to plant some beans but simon was adamant that we hold off until the moon was in a better phase. he did suggest we do a trial and plant some now and some then and i could see for myself that the ones planted now would not be advantaged. I chose just to believe him and will plant them out next week.

Saturday was our anniversary. Not for our wedding but for our 'first contact'. We met online and we like to acknowledge it every year. I sent him an email after deciding that his picture and profile looked really interesting, although we are never sure which day to celebrate. i was in australia on the 20th and he was in the states and recieved it on the 19th. We emailed for weeks, he came back, i went overseas, we texted and talked on the phone and when i returned we caught up. We've been together ever since. It was a very funny first email session. i had worked out that this guy was pretty genuine, trustworthy, competent etc, all the things you dont really expect to find online and we were both using pseudonyms, as you do on these dating sites and after a few more personal emails we exchanged real names. I nearly fell off my chair when he told me his name was Simon, as my ex husbands name was also Simon. Then told me his surname and you could have really picked me up off the floor, its my surname, which i had never changed. blimey. Then he tells me about his neices, same names as B1 and B2. I could go on but i wont, but there were loads of these similarities. Our wonder and excitement is all there in old emails and simon spent an hour or so reading them out on saturday. The girls were really interested to hear about a side of me they dont see often and we all had a lovely engaging evening reliving the past together and talking about the last 4 years of our collective lives. Then he told the girls that the rest of the night was theirs to do as they pleased with and he took me up stairs to our bedroom. NO!, dont freak out! Its all PG. He had put fairy lights on which were swathed around the muslin floor length 'curtains' that surround the three sides of the bed ( a surprise gift from him on our wedding night that we have never taken down), made the bed, incense was burning, limoncello and glasses out, Coldplay playing; he had made me a haven to sit in comfort and chat with him or be alone, my choice. i chose him. It was a beautiful evening and for an hour or two i forgot i had 3 kids in the house and felt very loved. It was another wonderful anniversary. It never ceases to amaze me that im actually in love with the man i'm married too.

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