Tuesday, September 16

Decision to Homeschool

Yup. Bit the proverbial bullet. Making this decision has lifted an incredible weight from my shoulders (thanks Lisa for your comment on a post, it was the catalyst i needed to do something).I have spent countless hours worrying and fretting, not to mention the buckets of tears, about the effects of sending B1 into a space everyday where she was being bullied and teased and not supported by her teachers nor challenged by the learning and where the school seemed ill equipped and uninterested in managing the situation effectively. We have never encountered anything like this before but have subsequently heard from many people that they didnt send their kids to this school or took their children out of this school because of the culture of bitchyness. Needless to say, B1 is over the moon. Now its not really, in the big picture, a huge decision as its only for a term, but it feels like a monumental decision, and a great one. When i told B1 we had to talk to her Dad about it, her response was 'why'? Oh the commentary and truth in a single word. But Yahoo!, my girl is happy and excited about this new phase in her life, excited to spend more time with her brother and i am looking forward to spending this time with her.


Kerrie said...

I'm so glad you have come to a place that will suit you all, especially your daughter. I can't imagine the horror of having to send my children off each day to a place they were utterly miserable at, it would break my heart.

I'll look forward to hearing about your homeschool adventures Kel, it's something I contemplated once upon a time, probably around the time Matilda started school. She obviously needed the stimulation but she wasn't quite five when the school year started. I wasn't sure if she was ready socially and contemplated a year or two homeschooling to give her what she needed. Thankfully though, things turned out well for us.

I really hope this works well for you all. It's great that she is over the moon and thrilled about the new challenge.


Kel said...

Thanks Kerrie. I will keep you posted. Hopefully this decision works out, finally. But i cant think i can do too much damage in 9 weeks! LOL K