Tuesday, September 30

poof! time gone

B1 watching TV, newsbreak on
Me, in kitchen not listening

B1: "whaaat!, no way!"
Me: "whats up?"
B1: "they just said we have to put our clocks back 3 weeks earlier, that means my birthday is even further away"
Me: "huh?"
B1: "daylight saving, they said turn our clocks back 3 weeks earlier, my birthday's gonna be ages away"
Me: doubled up with laughter, i mean doubled and REALLY hard, so hard i mumma cass'd it and started choking on my sandwich
B1: ohhhh (lightbulb on) i get it mum , i see where i went wrong, it was logical, stop laughing at me"
Me: keeps going

Kids, theyre great blog fodder


wombat064 said...

Oh I sooooo love it when a teenager has a brainfart and induces copious amounts of laughter in the parental unit.

emmani said...

I'm giggling!