Friday, September 26

Food allergies

heard on the radio this morning. New research suggests that national health standards and WHO recommendations may be out dated as food allergies in children are looking like they are not prevented by delaying the introduction of known allergenic foods such as eggs, peanuts and fish into the diet of babies. Additionally, reducing exposure to these foods looks like its increasing the liklihood of developing allergies to these foods due to lack of early 'immunity'. Breastmilk is the only food known to be associated with prevention of allergies. Well, knock me over with a feather (not). Maybe rising rates of allergies in the developed world is associated with rather low rates of breastfeeding and modern baby/food/hygiene paranoia.

Just my thoughts.

*couldnt find the published research paper with a quick look around PubMed. will do some more digging, im intrigued.


emmani said...

Hi Kel, I'm glad you read Cage Free Family, I felt you would like the connection, you have similar ideologies to me. I didn't know about mammals giving birth in a dark place alone, very interesting!

Your post is a similar issue to natural birth versus cesarian. Bottle feeding fake formula to babies these days...Why? I've never understood. It's not natural! Even women who say I tried and couldn't do it, I don't judge them but what happened to these babies before formula...did they let their child starve to death? I realise some posh women had wet nurses in those days, but at least the baby got 'real' food. Couldn't bring back wet nurses now... Health and Safety department would have a heart attack!!!

Breastfeeding for me for the first few months was an excruciatingly painful and tearful experience, but I stuck at it for 16 months, til she started to chew on my nipples!! I don't want a meddle or an award for it and I'm not in anyway having a go at any womans choice, but I think a lot of women, like Aimee says are not being given a choice or enough support to breastfeed and information to educate them on the reasons to breastfeed. It's not about convenience in a bottle or boob, like you say it's more of a medicine to immunity and a bonding issue...

You don't need to wake up in the middle of the night to sterilise your breasts do you? Where's the conveinience in that?

Kel said...

breastfeeding is like a new pair of shoes- really hurts at first but when they're worn in...well, its like an old pair of shoes! I think the whole arena of birthing, mothering and babyhood is all about support support support. Choice is sometimes not my favoured option. education and restricted choice. i dont think women should be allowed to choose a c-section and possibly formula should only be available as a theraputic good (shoot me down now) . That statemen could get me into trouble. i just think we have strayed so far from our 'natural state - gosh am i talking about biological determinism..hmmm, food for thought.