Sunday, September 7

The Growing Challenge - Post#3

Finally, a moment. Ive just scraped this weeks growing challenge post in...Yesterday was a glorious day. I had B2 to myself and we spent the day in the garden. We planted out some more dwarf snow peas under the bamboo pyramids, coz the snugs and snails got the last lot. they were a bit of an experiment to see how early i could plant them out up here in the hills, so im not too dissappointed and the ones that the razor gang missed are rather straggly. The forget-me-nots are running rampant in this vege patch and i find it hard to cull them coz they are so pretty. So we cleared them from the perimiter of the bamboo posts and left the rest. We planted out into seedling trays the black prince zucchini, cinderella pumpkins and heirloom tomatoes of various varieties. In my haste towards the exotics i clean forgot to get seeds for a regular red. We also planted allyssum and lobelia seed in the walls of the vege garden beds for some summer prettiness and chive and coriander seed. I also managed some more digging of the foundation for the pizza oven and i should be ready to get a load of sand and pavers for the foundation and oven base this week.

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