Wednesday, September 3

cellars and pantrys

Maybe its being a taurean, you know, a reputation for living the high life, too much wining and dining, overconsumption, eating all day, cant say no... two of my most favourite rooms in the house are the cellar and pantry. now im no post war/depression born kid, so i dont think i have issues of dearth and wanting that are fuelling my passions here, maybe its just a human condition to like to hoard food and drinkstuff?? maybe its about a feeling of abundance? but i get a sense of peace and fullfillment every time i go into either of these rooms. Looking around at walls stocked with homemade wine of every imaginable type and seeing the foodbins packed with grains, flours, pasta and rice makes me feel like mother hen. Im like a pig in... Well this post is a homage to the last bottle of beetroot wine in the cellar which we drank last night. it was a 2001, smooth and velvety and its colour was intense, like amber. it was truly very beautiful.

So here's a respectful cheers and thank you to the maker of this particular drop, Gabrielle, Simons late wife, Australian champion amateur wine maker many years running *Clink*


Gavin said...

Kel, that is a very impressive wine cellar. Could I humbly request a post about how you make the wine? I make homebrew beer, and have been too scared to venture into the world of winemaking.


Kel said...

no worries Gav, any particular type? all have different recipes.

Gavin said...

Ok, the beetroot sounds good as you mentioned it tasted great. I have loads planted in the garden, and will have a surplus, so what better way to use them!


Crazy Mumma said...

Ooh, I'd love a recipe or two as well, how awesome. I'm seriously envious of your cellar (and that fact that you *have* a cellar) too. My hubby has talked about wanting to learn about wine-making for years but although I've had several non-grape wines over the years, it never occurred to me to get him going with other fruits we *can* grow here, like beetroot!

Cheers, Julie