Tuesday, September 9

blog shmlog and thingy's

sorry, ive got blogger block... been too busy in the garden enjoying this glorious weather, digging my foundation for the outdoor oven, hauling buckets of soil and just sitting in the sunshine staring in a baby hazed wonderment at all the little sproutling things emerging from beneath in the garden, more digging and then going back and looking at those sproutling things again...life is cruising along and ive not had much contact with the outside world of late, so no interesting or even remotely funny incidents and the kids have been remarkably unbloggable, except that my daughter came home from the Royal Agricultural Show not only with half of her savings still in her pocket (it was all crap and so expensive, her words not mine , hoorah!) but a lovely tale of a sighting of a woman with a t-shirt with 'im blogging this' emblazoned across her chest and wanting to wrestle it off her for me. Im also pretty sure you'd all like me to spare you the details of the hour or so spent while the kids were at school and the boybean was sleeping (which i will say was the highlight of my week so far)...i think im pretty much just having my brain space taken up with the fact that i really am very seriously avoiding that PhD thingy and contemplating the dream of never having to go back to work. So, lunch over, im back out to stare lovingly at those lovely hot pink sprouting beetroot.


Rixa said...

This is your conscience speaking...work on your dissertation...work on your dissertation...get it done!

Kel said...