Sunday, September 28

babies , bricks and mortar

babies and mortar dont mix. i knew that , really. i just didnt want to acknowledge it to myself. Dammit, i think this is why women tend to get stuck inside, with all the thankless cleaning and cooking tasks. you can do these things piecemeal in between sleeps and feeding. Well, actually you can build from bricks and mortar piecemeal, you just have to do it in very small quantities, 6 bricks at a time, in the shade. but my god, all that cleaning up to be done, immediately! washing the mortar off the buckets, trowels and tidying the brickwork, else it will all go off and set and then you're in the shit with lumps of it everywhere you dont want it. But im hanging in there, 6 bricks at a time. I'm determined to be able to go 'tah-dah, i made it myself'. Pizza at my place may just be NEXT year.

NB i may have to start numbering any posts about pizza ovens, that way you can avoid them if you want. I may yet end up with a Thing 1 and Thing 2!

NBB Please take note of the fact that the bricks are in fact half bricks. Im very pleased with myself. It was also very satisfying whacking the thingy with the other thingy to split one brick into two.

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wombat064 said...

Dunno about babies and mortar not mixing ...

If you make the mud sticky enough you could make a nice roof decoration out of Baby Bean..

Now you know I'm only joking, I would never stick a Baby anywhere with mud, Gaffa tape on the other hand.

Look I'm a parent too and yes when you need both hand Bambino needs attention.

Pizza oven is starting to show promise , Well Done