Monday, September 15

The Growing Challenge #4

Sprouting finally at the kitchen window are my purple basil and sage. Depsite being indoors i had a few issues with small slugs munching some early sprouts.

The corainder planted in the herb garden have sprouted, but theres no sign of the chives yet. The new snow and podded peas i planted to replace the early ones sown, which were then sawn down by same small slimy things, have poked through the surface and are looking strong only 7 days after planting. I must admit to having no faith left in 'natural' smail and slug repellants and have resorted to quite gleefully sprinkling those toxic green/blue pellets around *accompanying evil sound* to protect those tender pea sprouts.

The potatoes needed some more covering today as each has developed substantial side shoots and grown significantly taller in this week of Spring weather. The beetroots are now about 1 inch tall, most have developed the more mature lateral leaves, as have the carrots which are showing tiny curly tops.

Im feeling doomed about the parsnip seeds which were planted out at the same time as the betroot and have shown no signs of breaking ground. I have absoloutely no idea why. I covered with paper, watered, planted 0.5 cm down...I think i may have to start again.

The grapefruit and oranges are starting to ripen but no sign of apples, heck, the trees dont even have leaves yet.

The limoncello has been bottled up and i have a few smalls stashed in the freezer ready to go.

...and finally, we installed the cafe doors today in the 'solar studio' ready for the glaziers. Almost there.


Karin said...

I've got to get to my garden. It seems to take a back seat these days but I don't want it to! Your set up looks great. I'm inspired. Ok, off to get the seeds out now.

Kel said...

LoL. Happy planting Karin!

Melinda said...

At the opposite end of the seasons, we are digging up our fabulous potatoes - and enjoying roasting them! Yum!

Weird that the beets would do fine but not the parsnips. Hmmm.