Saturday, September 20

shopping with teens

'shhh, mum!"



Stop what?

"stop, just stop, you're like, you're like singing and dancing"

Huh? *me thinking like yeah right, I always just break out into song and dance when Im out shopping in the malls*

Decide to not say ANYTHING and just nod and pay. I loathe change of season clothes shopping with my anxiety prone, not size 10, super self conscious teen.

i came home with a major headache and seriously, I walked in, opened a bottle of fizz and downed a whole glass in about 5 minutes.

Im only just winding down. Thank god the bean is a boy. Only one more to get through this period ...

I had to just draw on my memories of being an awkward self conscious teen and just let stuff go.

I want a medal.


Kerrie said...

Oh Kel...that's exactly what shopping for new clothes with Matilda is like. I laughed at the singing & dancing comment. Apparently I break into S&D when we go shopping too.

I think our girls are the same age...Matilda is 14, 15 next March.
Matilda's "thing" is her "elephant thighs"...she has gorgeous legs and a beautiful body, (not stick thin & size 10), clear olive skin to die for and big, big eyes.

I try so hard to understand but sometimes it confounds and frustrates me. The pressure is enormous and mostly she does okay with it. I'm hoping she will really love her curves one day. She is really down on herself at the moment for gaining 2kg in the last 12 months...I had to point out that she has grown about 14cm in that time and that muscles & bone weighs quite a lot.

Has B1 read Kaz Cooke's book "Girl Stuff"...?? It's the bible I turn to when Matilda is struggling. She loves Kaz and her take on body image and it has really helped. I recommend it highly for 13-18 year old girls. Matilda picks it up and reads it a bit at a time, some of it is not relevant to her life at present and she skips those bits. She loves Kaz's other book "Real Gorgeous" gives me hope, she will be okay.

wombat064 said...

I hope B1 and all the Young Ladies that are children of fellow bloggers all grow up to be happy healthy. Real Women with real curves. These fashion society demanded stick figures with eating disorders are doing so much damage, not only physically but mentally. And as for not singing and dancing lets just thow our spirituality out the window to.

B1, be one ( individual that is ). hang on to all that is dear ( mum) and you will blossom.