Wednesday, September 24

Diva Cup update

I sent this email out today to every woman i had listed in my email address book, both personal and work related. Some replied they already used them (i rest my case!) and others replied with a 'thanks very much Im so onto it'! So, a worthwhile email to send. Why not give an email like this a go yourself if you use one and have found them useful. Spread the word to those close to you and give those big organisations a run for their money and save the planet from some landfill, unecessary packaging, transportation and other costs associated with use of disposable products. Personally, the feeling of being 'free' is what i like. free from needing to rely on a shop being open, a product being available etc. I feel like im in control of my body and its process and its a great feeling. Liberating.

A little bit of wimmins business.
Hi all. I dont usually do emails like this but i figured what they hey, i wanna share what i know. This is not a hard sell, pyramid anything. Its just me letting you know what ive found so that you if you havent discovered these things or heard about them, then now you have! If you have known about these things for ages then im gonna get grumpy at you and shout 'why didnt you tell me about them!

"what the hell are you talking about" i hear you screaming at me.

im talking about womens business... Menstrual Cups branded as Diva Cups, Moon cups etc. been around for ages but they are not widely marketed. I had been searching around for some eco friendly alternative to tampons and VIOLA! I had used sea sponges in my uni days but they are not long lasting. The cups are made from medical grade silicone, last almost a lifetime and are NOT disposable. You only need ONE! I have been using it and its really quite fantastic. So fantastic that I wanted to share it with all you lovely women just in case you might be interested or have family that might be. i bought mine on ebay for 31 AUD. bargain. I'll have that paid off in tampons in 6 months (for just me) Maia uses one too and we are both completely converted; they are easy to use, not messy at all, very convienient, comfortable and reliable ( i can even say the nerd in me finds them fun and fascinating!) So check them out if its piqued your interest.

Cheers, kel

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