Tuesday, September 23

Adelaide Central Market

I went along on school excursion today with my B2s Montessori class to the Adelaide Central Market. i love the central markets; great atmosphere, loads of fantastic produce, great organics, great cheeses, great breads, coffee and a huge selection of asian supermarkets and grocers. I supervised a group of 4 as we wandered around. the kids took notes and wrote down observations and i was impressed to see them engage with stall owners to answer their sheet questions and ask for tastings of fruit, veg and cheeses.

The mushroom stall had a mouth watering array of wild frenchies; chanterelles, trompet de mort, pied de mouten and mouserrons, and Im so glad they were priced at 150.AUD per kg or else i would have been sorely tempted to buy some of the imports for a pasta or risotto or my husbands favourite,omelette. i wish we grew these varieties here as the flavours are just fantastic.

What was affordable was a mega chocolate crackle made with belgian chocolate which is still sitting in the pantry waiting for the kids to go to bed! (they've eaten their treat already) and the slab of rocky road that was just to tempting to not bring home.

The markets hold a fantastic selection of cheeses and meats and the kids had a ball wandering around soaking up the vibe. After 2 hours of tasks we met up with the rest of the class for lunch at Ding Hao where we had spring rolls, dim sum and rice for lunch and a few pots of tea. It was the first time i have taken the boybean out all day and on the move like this and he held up a treat, despite only having an hours sleep all day, but Im glad B1 came with us as she really was a much needed extra pairs of 'adult' hands/ears to manage extra questions, toilet trips and the boy. By the time we all fell into the bus to come home, i was marvelling at how teachers manage day in and day out. Those school holiday periods are a well earned break i reckon. I parked myself on the couch when we returned home and just sat and enjoyed the silence.


wombat064 said...

Ah now that brings back memories.. what a magical place those markets are... There is a butcher there that does nothing but kangaroo and an excellent fish monger and the variety of deli items was to die for.
at that time I was posted to HMAS Protector and living in a unit spitting distance from the Sarasons Head Pub about 10 min walk from these markets.

Kerrie said...

Oh fantastic excursion Kel, it all sounds so delish...!!! I'm a sucker for divine varieties of mushrooms too.

Yum Cha is the best, isn't it..?? This year I took Matilda & 7 friends to Yum Cha for her 14th birthday...we had the best time and it was so very inexpensive, I think it was around $120 for nine of us to eat all that we wanted. Then home for birthday cake, music & dancing...I did almost nothing..!!! The girls all insisted she do the same next year too.

Teachers work so incredibly hard. It bugs the crap out of me when people assume they work 9-3.30, M-F and have "all those holidays". It's not the case at all. A dear friend is a primary teacher and she is at school by 7.30 and leaves around 4.30 then does a minimum of two hours work every evening too. They deserve their holidays so much.

emmani said...

What a wonderful way to spend your day. We didn't get to do exciting things like this when I was at school, it's so much more fun learning about the real world. Markets are a great place to learn, so many different varieties, smells, people, cultures, colours.... the list is endless. a market is the heart of any city, you can really see the real 'locals' whatever city you are in. I'll be sure to take some nice shots of the markets in India, such a contrast!

Kel said...

Phil, you'll have to drop in when your on ya ride mate and Kerrie, GREA birthday idea, will suggest it a the kids loove yum cha ( mee too) and school these days, well, its almost not like school and i cant wait for your market pics; ples of spices, mountains of colours. needless to say youre looking forward to it too...