Monday, September 15

the cranky is spent

Things are a little more even keel and back on track around here. i spent most of last night ridding my pc from some backdoor malware which required some serious root cleaning, scary stuff when youre only half smart when it comes to major pc cleaning. clicking ok can be terrifying, wondering if youre about to generate even more damage! The pc is now faster and i can once again 'click and go' but i think something is still lurking deep 'in there'. Cranky has gone but im feeling a bit spent, a little down. Sending B1 off to school when she hates it and leaves for school in tears is really hard. I feel negligent but i do feel at this point there is no other option but to ride out the school year and then start at a new school in the new year. We looked into homeschooling but it looks like a mammoth organisational and bureaucratic hurdle to embark upon for just 9 weeks of term. So, poor chook, she's off the the lions den every day! This is what we woke up to this morning after a glorious sunny Spring weekend. Its a good thing Im feeling better!

But i still have to work out my header image problem.


wombat064 said...

Im noticing there is a bed of bricks for the pizza oven ...
well done

Kel said...

thanks, look a bit wonky in the pic but that floor is a level as a spirit gets.

Lisa Barrett said...

You could not register, lots of homeschoolers don't or just say you are holidaying for 9 weeks.

We have started homeschooling.

Have you tried just editing your header in gimp. that's what I did for the college one, once you have vaguely the right size image it will resize it for you when you upload. I have to admit. I did the picture and then got Jos to sort it out for me. it's the pinard on