Monday, September 8

10% swing, MAYO now a marginal seat

dammit, the Greens are 3000 votes short after the federal by-election was held in my seat of Mayo this weekend. Alexander Downers old seat, never lost by the Libeals since the creation of the electoral zone, has sufferred a huge swing of 10% now 11% against Liberal candidate Jamie Briggs, creator of 'workchoices' fame (but he's still claiming victory). Hes a born to rule arrogant twat who says the swing (unheard of in this blue ribbon electorate) is still a good result. Nobody in Mayo , even the die-hard Libs, were happy with the Liberal party handing this school boy a plum job for life. He drives a souped up Black Commodore with spoiler and mags and likes to play intimidating road games with The Green's party supporters. Not Happy Jan

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Gavin said...

Another nob in politics, just what we need. I hope the Greens gain some seats in the lower house next election, or the Senate for that matter. This two party system has gone on far too long.