Wednesday, August 27

wood fired pizza oven

The sun came out today. after weeks of cold rain, sometimes snow and cloudy skies, when i went downstairs this morning to start the day the sun was shining and glowing off the floorboards. I am pretty fed up with being cooped up inside most days with the boy so the sun was a great motivator to get outside and do something physical. Time to get started on the wood fired pizza oven. Im really looking forward to the challenge of building it, i havent done very much outdoor 'construction' before, not from brick anyway. Ive built chicken coops, pens and raised garden beds but nothing like this, mortar should be fun. i want it ready by summer when we can start having a social life again. The spot i have picked i think is perfect. Its just outside the kitchen so its easy to use (kitchen is to the right in the pick, you can see the doorless wood 'shed' (hole in the wall) which is just outside the kitchen door and the steps lead up to the garage). The oven will be built where all that growth is.

So i cleared out all the overgrowth and look whats underneath! Crikey!
Its a great height, already has a partly made form for the foundation and will warm this little terraced spot at night and will have shade in the summer days from the grape vine which grows over the pergola.

The view of some of the garden from here is pretty good too, so its functional and has form!

So all i have to do now is find my damn 'build your own pizza oven' book, which i actually suspect i may have accidently 'returned' to the library! Then i can get the specs for the cement pour to make the foundation of the oven. So hopefully by the end of this weekend i should be well on my way. I am sooo good at NOT doing my thesis. Any tips from experienced pizza oven builders out there?



Barbara said...

What's our cat doing walking
down your kitchen steps (what's
he doing in the Hills?!)?
A friend built his own mudbrick
oven. Unfortunately he's now
moving and can't take it with
him obviously but he plans to
build another one at his new place.
He used Russell Jeavons' book -
I assume that's the one you have

Kel said...

another huge moggie huh? if there ever was a cat that shouldnt have only 3 legs, this ones it. they are very social things the pizza oven, great for minimal catering too, get all the guests to make their own dinner, its brilliant!Yup, its Russells book that Im scrabbling to find, you know me well barbara!

Ren said...

Your place is beautiful. It's always funny to me to think that there is Winter going on in the Southern Hemisphere when we have such beautiful weather up here. If it wasn't so far and so expensive, I'd live half the time in Australia or New Zealand, and half the time up here... Or all the time in Hawaii.

Kel said...

thanks ren, its a very peaceful place.