Saturday, August 16

and she hugged her laptop

my daughter just bought a laptop
she's 13
she 'earns' $30 a week

$10 she saves
$10 she spends
$10 she uses to sponsor a girl in India
she sometimes gets money for birthdays

She pays for movies, trips out with friends, buys her own mobile credit
she bought her own mobile
she saved up for a laptop
her friends have laptops, bought by their parents
i said no way, no need, use mine
so she saved, and saved
yesterday her laptop arrived
if i'd bought her a laptop
i dont think it would have got a hug


wombat064 said...

My congratulations to your Daughter on her latest aquasition.

I can see 1 young Lady knowing the true value of not only money and what it can do, but life in general.

Your daughter will go a long way in life, I only wish my parents had taught me the same lessons.

I tip my hat to both of you.

Kel said...

tahnks wombat, i showed my daughter your response ( positive reo n all) as she errs towards thinking im just plain mean most of the time LOL. She trhought it was pretty cool getting a message like yours. thanks for the support!

Lisa Barrett said...

OMG big kisses to your fantastic daughter. Tell her she can start blogging now.

Gavin said...

Well done Kel's daughter. I bet it feels so much better knowing that you saved the money yourself. It will come in handy for the future.

My parents instilled the same sorts of values in me, just like your mum has for you, but it took me a long time to realise what they were on about. Now, whatever you do, don't get a credit card!

Kel said...

now she thinks its extra cool! *kisses and high fives daughter*