Saturday, August 30

Limoncello-Stage 2

so, what do you do on a saturday morning when you've had a crap night, eyes feel like sandpaper, head feels like a brick, husband's gone of to a Greenpeace non-violent action workshop, baby is finally sleeping and you really just wanna crawl back into bed and sleep yourself? You whip out the incomplete limoncello from the cellar of course, to complete stage 2 as Stage 1 has been sitting in its juices for the requisite 1+months.

I have transferred the mix from the original screw top jar into a medium sized demijohn to account for the increase in liquid volume.To transfer the limoncello makings into a new container i strained the rinds from the vodka into a jug and put rind into the demijohn. Then i added the lemon infused vodka. I boiled up the sugar syrup (see full recipe here), cooled it and when 'clear'. i think what 'they' mean (who 'they' are we'll never know) by clear is actually transparent and not opaque coz theres no way in the world anyone could get that syrup to be clear! When the syrup hit the vodka mix it turned that really special opaque limoncello yellow.

This mixture will now return to its cellar home to do its last bit of magic and in 2 weeks i will bottle it up ready to hit the freezer and ready for summer.


wombat064 said...

Try this...

get 1 large pumpkin
a handrull of sultanas
a big bag of brown sugar
a candle and matches
a string bag

1. cut top out of pumpkin
2. scoop out all the seeds (save to plant)
3. put handfull of sultanas inside pumpkin and pack the rest of the space tightly with brown sugar
4. wax top back on
5. hang it up in string bag..

6.when you can almost punch your little fingernail through the skin (* a few weeks) drive a heavy duty drinking straw into the bottom of the pumkin. Straining the liquid into a jar through muslin.
7.add a teaspoon of sugar, cap and wait another week.

Drink in moderation maybe mixed with some juice..

Kel said...

wow. that sounds intense! does it have a name, this 'juice'????