Thursday, August 21

The watertank challenge

"Houston, we have a problem ..."

We had a watertank delivered this morning to service the vege patches. It's intended to sit next to the studio to harvest its roof water.

Its supposed to sit just next to the building ( still only clad in blue sisalation); you can see the cut that has been made to site it at the top of the stairs. How its going to get there we are not yet too sure.

We have a 30,000 ltr tank further down on the house site which we use on the lower garden vege patches but the primary use for this bigger one is as fire fighting water storage and to get water up to the top garden vege patches would require pumping. We though it would be better to get a new tank for the front garden!?


Barbara said...

Good luck getting the tank to the
chosen location! We bought a tank
that turned out to be too large to
get through the only gate it could
go through. We ended up having to
take down a pergola (that was due
for destruction anyway, just not
so soon!) and get half a dozen
friends to take it over the roof
and 3 rows of solar panels and lower it into position. Never

Kel said...

my husband swears he's now got it all worked out...i think it involves rolling it over the vege patches after hes maaged to hoick it upover the wall! he also swears the carrot seedlings are small enough to cope! LOL