Saturday, August 2

loose end #3

Now as a general rule, i dont do textiles very well. Cant really say i can knit, can't sew, but i do get overtaken with the emotional impetus to do both, generally as the seasons change. I shop, i cast on, i cut, i start, i hit a snag i cant seem to fix, I get disillusioned, i stop. I think being a perfectionist is very limiting. Not that what i do is perfect, but i am always wanting to do it better, so i quit.

Tah dah!. Its surprisingly difficult for me to post this picture (perfectionist issues) but i did it, i finished the damn hat! And it looks so cute on the boybean, he looks like the deer

Pattern is Debbie Bliss hat from her Baby Knits Book and yarn is Layette Bella Baby 80% bamboo/20% merino from Spotlight

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