Sunday, August 3

on a roll, with a little help from my blog

in between lying on the couch with a screaming back ache, a 2 hour walk with the whole tribe; boy bean didnt make a peep the whole time (bless his cotton socks if he had any), cleaning the bathroom walls (yes with a pinched nerve in the back maybe not such a good idea...'wax on...wax off' was my approach, i thought it might help get me 'unstuck', i managed some of agenda #1 - i oiled the other chair!!!!!and gave one its extra coat. Those chairs represent the past and the fuure to me, so gettting this far feels great. 2 more coats and some new cushions and they should be ready by 2010. I knew if i launched my agenda out into the ether it would push me to get it done. Its kinda weird how blogging can act as a motivating factor; why doesn't just knowing Im doing it for myself and my family have the same effect?? Why does writing about it generate the extra oomph required?

Is it just me? Does anyone else use blogging as a motivational aide?

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