Sunday, August 31

teenage mutant phonecall

10.00pm phone rings
simon answers "hi B1, I'll get mum"
B1 replies "noooo, i want to talk to you"
simon responds" oh, ok, whats up?"
B1 "umm, ive drunk to much and we need you to pick us up, im so sorry, you can ground me if you like, i just need you to pick us up, PLEASE"
Simon "sure, where are you? there in five"

Simon comes into bedroom "that was B1, she's drunk and needs me to pick her and friend of B1 up"

Me *speechless* wasnt expecting this momment for at least another year
Torn between finding it pretty funny and concern, shes 14
Always wondered how i was going to manage this moment, hadnt fully decided on approach
Decide on very opposite reaction to my own mother with my experimentation
open communication and no shaming
reflect on what i was doing at 14
decide shes normal
glad she felt she could call

They arrive home, simon comes into the bedroom, shuts the door and starts laughing "hehe, shes even lost a shoe" we snort back some laughs together
B1 enters the room "im soooo sorry mummy, i feel so stupid, i didnt realise how much i'd drunk, i feel soo stupid, i'll never do it again"
Now i know she will, but i figure she's learnt a good lesson about alcohol.
So this morning we went to find her red satin flat lost in someones agapanthus and had a chat about safe experimentation and effects of alcohol


Lisa Barrett said...

Bwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa. Welcome to the world of mutants. Tell me she wasn't at the Stirling Hotel, home of full time apprentice super chef Barrett!!!!
It is such a compliment that she rang you when needing help. Is a good sign for anything to come.
Does she know you blogged it for everyone to have a laugh?

Kel said...

LOL, not yet!
no, partied a bit too hard when someones parents were out!

wombat064 said...

Hi Kel,
All I can sy is this ...

Congratulations to B1 on her maturity to ring home and ask for help..So many times in the normal cycle of life teanagers get into situations they cant handle and it affects them for the rest of thier lives.
Good 1 B1.