Tuesday, August 12

feelin frumpy

its now day 150 of weather that makes you just want to sit inside in front of the fire with a book, a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. Cabin fever has set in and physically im feeling like crap. I have been looking forward to getting back to running but somehow my motivation to pound the pavement has been tied to some blue sky showing itself. A few weeks ago before the weather turned decidely to winter, i had been walking in the mornings with a friend (another PhD almost-there-er) and on one occasion, after she took her turn off to home, i decided to see how the hips n boobs would go with a mild jog the rest of the way home. mmm, felt fine, boobs were a bit like jogging with a couple of medicine balls strapped to my chest and the hips felt like they were going to dislocate and slide up to my ears at any moment. But, for a first run after birthing, it felt like i could get back to it if i implemented a full lockdown on my breasts and warmed up well first.
After the initial euphoria of losing over 10kg in a day (mostly baby and associated bits) and the utterly unfathomable situation of needing to buy more clothes post pregnancy, as my pre pregnancy clothes were falling down around my feet, my descent into decidedly non-salubrious consumption of foodstuffs is needing some checking as my midrift is feeling and looking a little too much like stretchy pizza dough. So rather than give up the chocolate and puddings, im thinking increasing my expenditure is a better way to go. Something weird has also happenned to my ass since birth that im looking to reverse. Never thought id have one, but i have. i have that very weird middle aged flat ass. Im thinking flat ass may be fixable with the getting of some well run butt muscles. As for the calzone belly, either i can learn to love it, embrace it or im going to have to start doing ab work again and THAT is not dependent on the weather. @#!


Rixa said...

I have a Nike bra that I call the "vise-grip." It is fantastic and works super well to keep any jiggling at bay. It's really hard to get on and off, though, to the point that I feel claustrophobic at times when it's stuck halfway on, halfway off.

Biking is great for butt muscles, by the way.

Kel said...

LOL. I know EXACTLY the point rixa, when it kind of gets rolled up and you have to do manage the panic and do some yoga to reach around the back and pull it down the rest of the way.