Tuesday, August 19

my antidote to consumerism

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled
There is a void in your soul ready to be filled.
You feel it, dont you?
- Rumi

Usually when im reading a book and the author has begun each chapter with a quote, i let my eyes fly over the quote, glance at it in a snapshop moment, i am impatient to get to the main text so i can continue the 'real' story. But this quote from my current read really resonated with me last night. maybe its hormonal, maybe being at home so often with the boybean has made me more intrspective, but i read this quote at the top of the page and felt quite at peace with the world and very present. It made me realise how far i had come in the past few years, how being true to myself and listening to my inner voice had paid off in the most wonderful way; i was living the life i'd dreamt to be living but in the past never believed i could. I finally was experiencing, every day, what it's like to be sharing your life with the right person;life feels limitless, full of hope, possibility, love, joy and passion. im not tempted to be filling up that empty space with 'stuff'. I used to feel envy of those couples who seemed to really dig each other, after 20 years together, really felt deep respect and pure love for each other, still held hands and looked at each other with love and tenderness. Im so looking forward to the rest of my life; sharing life with a person who kindles your flame and fills your soul is a revelation to me.


emmani said...

Hi Kel,
I found you through Julie at Towards Sustainability...
I am the same as you with poetry, I just skip it and move on. I guess it's because I find it hard to read short excerpts of 'feelings' which aren't explained or in context.
I do know however that Rumi is an extremely well loved, well respected Sufi Poet and philosopher.
His work is well worth a read, if you ever get time away from your thesis!

Kel said...

Hi emmani. Thanks for dropping in, yes, Rumi is very romantic, right up my alley. I studied his work a little at Uni in philosophy class but i think i was too young to 'get' it.

Ren said...

I wasn't as much envious of 20-year couples as I was curious. What is it about each other that they can stand for that long? After two years now with my girlfriend, I understand. It really does take the right combination of everything to make you happy. Nice blog, by the way. (Found you by clicking on "epidemiologist" in my profile.)

el burro said...

What sorts of decisons did you make in the name of being true to yourself and listening to your inner voice? I'm working hard at doing that myself right now, even when it would be easier not to, and am finding that the hardest part is being honest with myself.

Kel said...

thanks Ren, and el burro, good and challenging question thats too long for a comment box. stay tuned for a post!