Saturday, August 30

Swedish mag 'regrets' poison cake recipe

As reported on the ABC news website:

"There was a mistake in a recipe for apple cake. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed," Matmagasinet's chief editor Ulla Cocke said."We know that four adults ate one cake made from this recipe, and they didn't feel well," she said. "This is obviously very regrettable."

Didnt feel well??? Hehe, those guys must have been tripping!


Lisa Barrett said...

Who in their right minds wouldn't realise that 20 nutmeg nuts was a mistake?

Gavin said...

Maybe they had never had nutmeg before. I bet they never have it again!

Crazy Mumma said...

I agree with Lisa, who would seriously use 20 whole nutmeg pods?! Must have cost them a fortune, I hope it was good high ;-)