Wednesday, August 6

teetering on the edge ...

What a week and its only Wednesday.
I was called in to work for a meeting on Monday. My PhD work is being nominated both for a Premiers Award and Prime Ministers Award for public sector management exellence. Now, its great news, but with a days notice ive had to get technical submissions together for submission this morning@!$# "but Im on LEAVE!"
There's nothing like being given a task at short notice by your single childless supervisor.

Meanwhile, in my spare time in between submissions, when not breastfeeding, i have facilitated B1's short notice transfer from one high school and her move to another (over 3 days!), sorted costumes for B2s school production which is tonight but i only became aware of the need for white leggings on Monday (try finding white leggings in the middle of winter), i really could choke her teacher, and several immovable appointments which i have had to express milk for and a boybean unsettled at night. Its been a doozy. Work, im soooo not ready.

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