Friday, August 1

tidying up loose ends and creating a few more

Heres my current list of to do's ( ...besides finishing the thesis!)Possibly called procrastination? During my honours year (!@# 18 years ago OMG!)i created an amazing permaculture food forest in my backgarden(having never gardened before) which was incredibly productive so Im no stranger to rather large scale procrastination techniques.

:: 2 danish teak chairs i have been carting around for over 7 years waiting for me to strip, sand, oil and re-upholster. Found them in an op-shop for $50.00 and couldnt say no and i think they will make great deck chairs for lounging outside. Both stripped and sanded, one oiled

:: wood fired pizza oven i promised my husband i would build while on maternity leave. Russells at Willunga is my inspiration; great vibe and great business to support as Russell has such a wonderful community spirit. Socialising around a pizza oven is my idea of a great party and i like the idea of firing it up in the morning and having a full day of cooking. I see that Monsieur Oliver is into it too. Site chosen, Russell's 'how to' book at hand... need to plan my attack

:: sew up seams on boybeans beanie i made from an interesting bamboo/merino blend which is incredibly soft.

:: check the limoncello for readyness for Stage 2

:: string bag I figure maybe crochet is easier than knitting and its designed to be full of holes...Im good at those

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