Monday, August 25

life took over for a whole freaky weekend

the weekend got busy and messy
i forgot Haiku Friday
my pc jammed up
Word wouldnt open
my thesis got 'trapped'
i freaked
i made pasta for a dinner party
what was i thinking?
i expressed every four hours
and neglected to take my iron
i slept in on sunday
i awoke to all the dinner party dishes
i freaked
grunted at husband all day
husband had the nerve to grunt back
kids woke the baby running about the stairs
lots of times
i freaked
lighting guy a no show for B2s performance
husband called in to cover
drama teacher sick
husband called in to cover
i cover our life while husband covers others
i freaked
then my mum came to visit and she told me a story
'bout a chinese student of hers who'd called himself Odour
he knew it was 'a smell'
but he liked how it sounded
more alluring than Jean-Michael or Ben
Thanks to Odour, i got some perspective


Lisa Barrett said...

I like Odour is sounds like yoda!!

wombat064 said...

stress less !!!
all will be ok !!

Kids will recover and Hubby will get over it.

Did you get your Thesis back ?

Have you solved the watertank challenge yet ?

Meditate, read, zone out , have at least an hour a day for YOU.

Take care

Kel said...

strangely, i think i might have liked Odour. Thanks Phil, all is well again, i needed a vent and writing helps. Peace decended (kids back at school!), thesis found, thank god and watertank still sitting in the drive...and it has now been joined by a whole heap of wood for the deck!