Tuesday, July 29

पम्पेर्स अपडेट wtf? Pampers update

This is the email i recieved from the poster of the You Tube Pampers add that I posted last week.

"They shouldn't [ americans having a bad reputation]. I guess its too bad that America helps everywhere else and happens to help give countries freedom. But okay, think what you like. I think this commercial shows how if everyone would quit judging and thinking of self, we might could get something done; like help the babies of the planet. We have a bad reputation for HELPING"

My response: If you were really interested in 'helping', then it wouldnt take an add full of clean healthy 'cute' kids representing the plight of the poor in developing nations to do it. What a shame that 'helping' is attached to consuming. Dont you get it? You're being used!

Her response: The "healthy cute kids" were representing all the people of the world. Last I checked, consuming is what makes the world go round, its a cycle, I buy stuff, someone gets money, they buy stuff, etc. So if me buying something helps more than just the person selling it, I'm all in. I guess you need to just travel to those countries and see the plight of poor developing countries for yourself. I'd rather sit at home and see adds that tell me to help, and I help. You are just selfish, that's all. .

I'll leave it at that.


Crazy Mumma said...

Wtf indeed! The phrase "missing the point" comes to mind...

Kel said...

LOL. Yup, just cant see it.