Saturday, July 26

blogging on the weekend

well, now that the kids are home from holidays away and back in the house finding time to get back on my pc is proving rather troublesome. Not only do i have to fight off my own kids, but they bring hoardes of others in with them who also eat the food, lounge on the lounge, use the toilet, put compost in the recycle bin and non recyclabes in the compost and spend hours online in my study on my pc. Effectively i now have 7 children. Thank god they have all finally gone off to be cool in town for a few hours, Ive had enough cool lurking around the kitchen bench for this weekend. Im over cool, what-ev-a.

addendum: Really, i looove, i adore, i'd do just about anything for my kids and their friends, dont get me wrong. They're sweet, funny, naive, curious, enthusiatic but man, i cant wait till my daughter saves up enough for the dream laptop with wireless shes been coveting for months. If i was smart/stoopid, Id say to hell with my principles and go buy one for her myself, but i have this rule about saving your own money, delayed gratificaion, learning ...what am i learning...that when it comes to my pc Im a hog and all rules might just go out the window.

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