Thursday, July 17

Mamma Mia!

My girls came home yesterday (soooo nice to see them) and so today we trundled off to the movies, all 4 of us; 2 adult beans and two walking beans (left the boybean with my mum). Now, Im not sure whereabouts on the cool scale being musical fans sits, but we are all really into musicals and we dont even care. We all saw high school musical on stage like 4 times (granted my husband was doing the lighting and we could watch for free) but thats still like 6 hours of your life that you chose to spend watching teenagers singing cheesy high school songs, Grease, well...Yup, we love Grease, billy elliot, uh huh, did that too, and 'Tomorrow' is always the song of choice for theatre auditions around here, you get the picture. So we fair ran into the theatre to see Mamma Mia and we tapped our feet and hummed and sang along under our breath the whole way. It was great; thin on plot, lack of character development, very linear etc , all the things i usually hate in a movie but all the things Im very willing to accept and overlook in a musical. It was so great that not only did we stop off to buy ABBA Gold on the way home (to continue the love) i actually managed to develop a very short term movie induced crush on Pierce Brosnan who i havent even thought about since Remington Steele and the crush was a little more serious. Im a musical tragic.

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