Monday, July 7

up up and away (again)

well, now its just me and the baby boy. Said goodbye to the girls last week and this morning my man took off to Sydney for a week, bound for some Greenpeace adventure. They never tell you where or when if they are doing an action, but something's up- Simon's the yacht and knot specialist and its his second call-up by GP this year. Our carbon miles not looking good for this year at all. The last action was the stopping of processing at the Munmorah coal-fired power plant and this one could be anything...the Esperanza is on the move up the coast on its Energy Revoloution Tour of the country (sounds a bit rock n roll, no? but click the link, watch the vid and sign the petition)...there's coal mining...dunno...just have to watch the news everynight to see what they are up to this time. The last time Si did an action I saw from my loungeroom, through the lense of a TV camera, a zoom shot through the wire fence and watched him bundled into a white police van in his orange suit, shackled and shuffling like a Guantanamo hostage. Kids had a field day with that one at show 'n' share. "My step dad got arrested this morning" (biological father tearing his hair out...) Thats parenting 101.
So in contrast to such high moral action, I'm baking (you can justify pretty much any food when you're feeding a baby- the trick however is to stop when they wean! I learnt that last time round) I have wanted to cook ( these since I came across them on The Sugar Bar. Peanut and almond filled chocolate cupcakes with a matcha (green tea) icing. Its the complete comfort food, maybe a complete meal in itself! - well, i had 2 for breakfast. Please, those of you who care, ignore the energy intensive, wasteful cupcake pans please, I KNOW, OK?! They were in the pantry. I used them. Its really raining outside, the creek is flowing so fast the waterfalls are running horizontal, ducks have flown in, the fire's on...ahhhhh. No gardening for me today but i will plan where the potatoes, beetroot and parsnips will be planted out tomorrow if the weather improves and maybe another cake...

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diva@theSugarBar said...

msmoo these look great! the cupcakes look lovely and dense. awesome filling. i'm so glad you made them. i feel like making them again too :) they were such a joy to bake. x