Friday, July 11

he's been busted again...

oops. we knew it would happen, but this is simons second arrest in under 8 months. Good thing he's not looking for work or to rent a house! Greenpeace entered Swanbank B power station this morning sometime and scaled the stacks. Swanbank B causes more than two million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. That's the same pollution as 300,000 cars a year. Queensland is the best solar state in the world, so its a bit tragic they dont do more. I hope his prospective day in jail will be better than the last one which he spent in a rather cold cell in his boxers as they confiscated his orange suit as evidence. Guess what the standard police meal for remandees or whatever they call them, is? MacDonalds! Too funny. Poor copper went in and offerred 13 Greenpeace activists McDonalds for lunch. * rolling on the floor laughing* Apparently the police force have a corporate deal with Maccas. Needless to say they said no thanks. I think their lawyer ended up bringing over wholegrain sandwiches or something. Precious.
Anyways, will have to wait and see when he is coming home. He's out saving the world and im at home making cordial, hmmm...there's a few feminist threads in that statement i could run with..

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