Thursday, July 31


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Now this to me represents about as perfect as life can get ( i mostly just want to be one of the kids). This pic is of a kindergarten worker biking her charges en route for an excursion, apparently (not in view) there is another worker on another bike full of kids cycling up the rear. The joy for everyone being out in and a part of your environment and an environment that is incredibly supportive of biking, oh my! *sigh* I love copenhagen cycle chic because it reminds me of how life can be; fun, relaxed, sustainable, cohesive, productive, healthy. Its also choc full of images of fabulous women (and their kids) powering around on their bikes. I just wish i lived somewhere a bit flatter, then i would be building a cargo bike of my own. Its sooo hilly where i am that i walk to the library, shops, post office etc and car/public transport it down a freeway to work. Ohh, next life time i want to be born a Dane!
( or at least live somewhere flat).


Barbara said...

Denmark is one of the most
wonderful places on earth! i
travelled a lot there in the
mid-eighties (coming from the
greedy Reaganite US, where I
always felt so out of place, it
was a revelation). I'm going
back there at the end of next
month for the first time in 21
years - can't wait.

Kel said...

I love Denmark too, its soo civilised, well organised and I particularly love Copenhagen. We need little bit of that down under. Im envious, have a great trip.