Tuesday, July 29

Chris Evans, I love you

*party blowers, whistles, champagne cork popping, feet stomping, tears of joy*
Finally, this government is finally doing something about ending mandatory detention for people seeking assylum in Australia. It's a great day. Those places where we kept men, women and children imprisoned for years on end are cactus if Chris Evans gets his way. Maybe I can feel proud to be an Aussie again. I can only imagine the feeling of hope all those still awaiting a judgement on their status from inside detention centres are feeling. Lets hope the Coalition supports this move.
Chris Evans, ASRC, Amnesty, A Just Australia, Chilout, National Council of Churches, Oxfam, Project SafeCom, the Refugee Council, Uniting Care, Get Up and every individual who stood up for the human rights for detainees, I love you!

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