Sunday, July 13

losing the Strine*

Recent blog cruising has reinforced a pet peev that I have had for years about the increasing use of 'Americanisms' in our language. Now i know all language evolves over time, but its usually a bit slower than the infiltration i see before my eyes. Randoms in life and Aussie bloggers, probably me at times ( let me know if you spot one), using standard, non-slang terms like ...

cookies - not, its a biscuit
frosting - no, its icing
store - a shop
soda - uhhuh, its soft drink
vacation - we go 'on holidays'
thrift store - op shop, second hand shop, Vinnies
trash - rubbish
yard sale - we should probably use this term, never actually been in a garage at a garage sale, maybe under the carport and on the lawn...

Niow, if this incroising arptake of stindid Merrykin lingwidge is tapeal too ah Merrykin blogin roidership or ta hilp roiders unnerstin whad we're tawkinbout, then jist splainit, use the Merrykin term boy all moins, but asn addendum to hilpem terpret the kalowkwial.

Language helps defines us as a culture, lets not lose ourselves in the bloggersphere. (If you're the grammar police, then please ignore all my posts).

Nothing personal going on here, its all academic, heck (LOL) my sister in law and mother in law both live in California, but lets avoid the cultural cringe.

*Strine - The term is a syncope, derived from a phonetic rendition of the pronunciation of the word "Australian" in an exaggerated Broad Australian accent.

(can you tell im lacking in adult company?)


fede said...

Hi Kelly
Thanks for visiting my XXstoreXXX oops I mean shop and purchasing one a little Hammer. It's great to know it will be staying in SA..woo hoo! By the way, you got me....I posted about Thrifting yesterday (aaahh so American). Slap my hand, I should have referred to it in true Aussie style as OpShopping.
Great post :)

Kel said...

Hi Fiona. saw all those XXX's and my brain went into overdrive! Im lovin those hammers, my 'to buy' for pregnant friends from now on i think. Funny, i had that post in 'drafts' for a week and sent it out this morning. Slap slap ;-)