Monday, October 13

Taurus + Rising + Love

when i named my blog it was using a process i often use to make decisions in my life which do not involve potentially adversarial or problematic outcomes; the first thing that popped into my head, aka gut reaction. taurus from the obvious, i am taurean, and taurus rising because the boybean was born taurus and so is my husband and this blog began when i was late into my pregnancy and looking forward to new life with him. looking at my stat meter and search terms used ,it seems lots of people stumble their way here searching the net to find whether their new love is their soul mate; whom is a taurus with rising ascendants suited to? So if thats you, you've been searching the net, wondering if this person is the one for you, i offer you this piece of wisdom from my experience. If you're looking online to determine whether this person is right for you and you cant work it out in your own heart and mind, then its probably not the relationship you are searching for. Blessings to you and may you find what you are looking for.


Laura Jane said...

Hear hear Kel.

Internet cosmic confirmation of 'does my soul feel a connection to this one?' is probably notthe best way to go.

These questions are best answered with the person in question in the same room. Any swooping of gut? Any warmth and trust? Dilated pupils? These answers are more likely to tell the tale.

Thanks for your visits. I appreciate them. Can't wait to see the first pizzas...

Kerrie said...


When I had a profile up on a dating site there was a section titled "Starsign"...I had no option but to fill it in as the system wouldn't accept a blank field there.

However, in the main body of my profile I wrote...

"...if my star sign matters to you then you are probably not the person I seek..."

Surprisingly I had an excellent response to the comment.

kouji | haiku said...

hmmm... i can't remember how i got here... :O

Kel said... my past i have been known to be horoscope desperate.LOL